X-Men Second Coming


The definitive X-Men fighting game



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X-Men Second Coming is a 1-v-1 two-dimensional fighting game that uses the MUGEN engine to recreate spectacular combats between the most famous characters in Marvel's X-Men.

There are more than twenty playable characters to choose from, the majority of them edited versions of characters from classic Capcom fighting games like X-Men: Children of the Atom or X-Men vs Street fighter, although many have been created from scratch or by using partial graphics from other games.

So, in addition to finding familiar characters like Wolverine, Magneto, Cyclops, and Storm, you can also play with characters that have not been used in games like this, including Beast, Namor, and Bishop.

X-Men Second Coming is based in an important era during the X-Men timeline: between March and July of 2010, when the characters related with the franchise experienced a crossover, in which all characters were affected by a common problem that had to do with the appearance of a messiah who would restore the mutants to their former glory after having been at the brink of extinction.

X-Men Second Coming is an outstanding fighting game, possibly the best MUGEN game out there using the franchise characters. It's absolutely unmissable for both fans of fighting games as well as fans of the comics.
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